Turn Up Your Success: New Features in List & Label 21

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List & Label 21 offers you a variety of possibilities. Use our component in your application and let the users apply the report design. It has never been so easy to achieve impressive results!

List & Label enables everything from simple tables to comprehensive master-detail reports/ subreports, crosstabs, charts, RTF text, barcodes, graphics, PDF objects and more. Designer components enable a host of custom objects to be seamlessly integrated.

Highlights of List & Label 21 (7 Min.)

Version 21 brings nested tables, conditional formatting, the new Web Designer and many other new features and improvements to time-tested functions. – presented to you by Head of Development Jochen Bartlau.
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The Designer is vital to you, and your users. The richer and more intuitive the functionality, the more design possibilities are opened up – adding value to your applications, and increasing user satisfaction.

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Version 21 means you can make better, more comprehensive use of List & Label‘s outstanding capabilities in .NET. Many users expressed a desire to be able to nest tables – and we have now fulfilled that wish. Native aggregations requiring CPU-heavy operations are executed directly in the corresponding database.

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List & Label updates have consistently outpaced market rivals in terms of new features and enhancements – and the solution does not just keep pace with the state of the art, it sets entirely new standards. So you can really "turn up your success" with List & Label 21.

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List & Label is developed in-house. Because there are no barriers to communication, we can respond to market demands quickly and flexibly. This guarantees the high quality of our product. Customer requirements play a key role in our development process. Upgrades always deliver a variety of new features, and are frequently revised to ensure they remain cutting edge.

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