List & Label Knowledge Base

Accessing a Microsoft Azure SQL Database

Accessing a Pervasive Datasource via ODBC

Accessing the Internal List & Label Job Handle

Binding to Entity Framework Objects

Check Whether a Report Contains Certain Objects

ClickOnce-Deployment for List & Label Applications

Declaring Barcodes

Directly Accessing a SQL Server Database

Email Distribution With the MailJob Class

Exception When Starting a .NET Application

Exceptions Instead of Return Values

Export From Preview Is Not Possible

Handling Huge Amounts of Data in .NET

HTML5 Viewer: Restricting Export Formats

Installing the List & Label .NET Component in Microsoft Visual Studio

Integrating Bitmaps and Metafiles

Introduction to .NET Development With List & Label

List & Label and Dropbox

List & Label and Google Drive

List & Label and Microsoft WebMatrix

Message "It is an Error to Use a Section ..." With Visual Studio 2008

Multipage List & Label Designer Object

Pass Printer as MemoryStream via LlSetPrinterInPrinterStream

Passing Collections Simply

Passing Large Amounts of Data

Preventing Version-Specific Assembly Dependencies

Printing Strings Using the .NET Component's Event

Run ASP.NET Samples With Older Versions of Visual Studio

Set Printer by Using the DOM-API

Simplified Passing Fields and Variables

System.NotSupportedException With Assemblies From the Web

TX Text Control: Alternative Rendering of RTF Content in List & Label

Using OData Data Sources

Using the DbCommandSetDataProvider With Stored Procedures

Barcode Objects - Limiting Bar Width

Barcode Printing Optimization

Binary Data in Maxicode and PDF417

Code 128 Subtypes

Complete Text Output Beneath a Barcode

EAN128 Barcode With Application Identifier (AI)

Printing RFID-Tags With List & Label

Width of Barcode Bar

Creating a Memory Dump File

Performance Issues on Some Computers

Barcode Formulas in Multilingual Projects

Birthday: Expression for Calculating the Age

Can the Designer be Restricted?

Coordinates in Project File

Designer: Formatted Output of Numerical Values

Difference Between Sum Variables and Aggregate Functions

Different Table Indent for Even/Odd Pages

Hierarchical View of Fields or Variables in the Designer

HOWTO: Calculate an Age Using Two Date Values

HOWTO: Create Font With Dedicated Point Size

HOWTO: Suppress Date Output

Linking Tables Is Not Possible

Map/Shapefile Charts With List & Label

Page Width Does Not Fit With Label Measurement

Page X/Y: Calculating the Total Page Count

Printing Multi Page Card Projects

RTF Text Appears Only Once

Suppressing Page Wraps at the End of RTF Text

Tabulator: How They Work

Wrong Variable Type in User Variables

Additional Settings for the TTY Export

Choosing Arbitrary Page Formats for PDF Export

Create Export Files From Preview

Determine Last Save or Export Path From Preview

Excel Export: Formatting Numerical Values

Excel Export: Working With the Export Result

Export Without User Interaction Using Direct API

Export Without User Interaction Using OCX / VCL or .NET Component

HTML-Export: Dynamic Page Height

PDF Export: File Sizes and Optimizations

Postprocessing of List & Label .LL Preview Files

Sending Export Results Via SMTP

Using Application Specific Mail Settings

Inserting Variables Into Table Objects

Using Different List & Label Versions Simultaneously

Creating a Watermark

Error Code -23

Julian Date in Visual C++ Without CTime or COleDateTime

List & Label for Delphi Users: Transfer RTF-Text From BLOB-Fields

List & Label: Define Printer Without Selection Dialog

LlGetUsedIdentifiers Does not Return the Correct Variables

Modify/Change Report Parameters at Runtime for Print/Export

Project File as General Storage - Project Parameters

Report Parameters and Their Use

Sample: C++ Multitab (Nested Tables)

Sample: C++ Wrapper

Sample: Using SQLAPI++

Select Printer Without Printer Select Dialog

Using the List & Label Formula Parser "Creatively"

Adding/Changing Fields and Variables in Databound Mode

Allowed Characters for Tables, Variables and Fields

Backward Compatibility

C++ Builder 5 Prof. and ADO Support

Change of the Default Design Scheme

Condition LastPage() is not Working

Create and Analyze a Log File

Culture Dependent Formats in List & Label

Documentation: Hints for Delphi Version

DOM Class Reference for Delphi

Dynamic Table Columns

Error With Sending Email Via SimpleMAPI

Free Content / Static Text in the Report Container

General Information for the RTF Object

HOWTO: Loading the List & Label DLLs Dynamically in C/C++ and Delphi

HOWTO: Storing Report Definitions in a Database

HTML5 Viewer and Ad-hoc Designer With Different JavaScript Frameworks

Integrate List & Label Language Kits

List & Label and MBCS

Loading New Project Files in Previous Versions

MAPI_E_FAILURE While Trying to Send an Email Via Outlook

Multithreading With List & Label

Open List & Label Projects of Older Versions

Optimizing Printer Speed

Passing Logical Fields

Prevent Windows to Manage the Default Printer Automatically

Preventing Threading Problems When Using a Repository Under Progress OpenEdge

Print Options: Suppress Page Information in the Options Dialog

Printing to Receipt Printers/Continuous-Feed Paper Labels and Forms With List & Label

Reducing the Size of the Preview File and Speeding Up the Print Process

RTF Object in Windows 8 Without Transparency

Scripting Support With List & Label

Sending E-Mails With Microsoft Outlook x86/x64

Sum of Column Widths Greater Than Table

Support for Windows 10

Trigger Page Wraps in RTF Text

Update Information for Developers

Using the Formula Assistant From Your Own Application

VCL and Databinding (Supported Components)

What is "combit Mail" in the Control Panel?

Where Do I Find the List & Label Serial Number?

Where is the "Designer.exe"?

-11 When Running in Service

Access to Printers Within a Web Application (IIS)

Conversion / Migration of Layouts From Crystal Reports to List & Label

Description of the Most Important Shapefile Country Fields

ERegistryException in the Delphi Debugger

Install List & Label Parallelly Into Delphi and C++Builder

List & Label PHP Sample

Logging if Used as Service / Web Reporting

Message Boxes While Running as Service

MS Exchange Server 2003 and Simple MAPI

Sending Email via Microsoft Outlook not Possible

Sending Fax

Use List & Label With Xojo

Using List & Label With Microsoft Azure

Using List & Label With the Amazon Cloud

Using the Delphi VCL Package in RAD Studio C++ Builder

VC-Compiler Error C2039: "Ll...A" is Not a Member of CLul

VCL-Package and Samples With Embarcadero C++ Builder XE6 (and Higher)

VCL-Package With Embarcadero C++ Builder 2010

VCL-Package With Embarcadero RAD Studio XE7 (and Higher)

Printing With a Dot Printer

Automatic Storage of Form Data in the Preview

Command Line Parameters for List & Label Viewer

Converting Preview Files to Other Formats

List & Label Viewer Setup

LlPreviewDisplay() Does Not Work

Preview: Setting Initial Position and Zoom Level

Register MIME Type for Preview Files in IIS

Use Preview in a Separate C++ (Child-) Window

Pass Printer ESC Sequences

Printing Copies With List & Label Version 8.0 and Higher

Printing on Network Printers

Printing Pages to Different Printers

Unexpected "Error While Printing" (Error LL_ERR_PRINTING), Brother Printer Driver

Using "Text-Only" Printer Drivers: Text Positioning

Adding a Pervasive Data Source (ODBC)

Birthday: Expression for Calculating the Age

Create a Dump File

Create Group Sums in the Designer

Driver for Data Sources IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access

Importing LL Print Templates Into the Report Server

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Installation

Prevent Windows to Manage the Default Printer Automatically

SQL Syntax Error When Using ORDER BY Statements in own SQL Queries

Support for Windows 10

Tabulator: How They Work

Trigger Page Wraps in RTF Text

Use Custom Paper Size for Export

View Installation Logs

Windows Authentication With PostgreSQL

Error -101

Files to Distribute

Generating and Using Server/Webserver Licenses

Installation Problems

Installation: Failed to Register OCX

Label Templates Do Not Appear, Help File Cannot be Found

Redistributable Modules

Updating Your Applications to the Most Recent Version

View Installation Logs

Printing Mutiple Tables on One Page

Suppress Undesired Wraps in Tables or Subtables

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