New Features of List & Label 22



Sometimes, you have undesirable breaks in tables due to page breaks.
Simply activate "Keep Group Together" ...
...and voilà, no more ugly breaks. Also works for sub tables!
The radar chart visualizes relationships between different categories.
Activate outlines for filled-in areas so that larger areas do not obscure areas located beneath them.
Treemaps can either be created as a clearly laid out basic variant ...
... or as a detailed treemap. The area indicates the value to be represented.
Also as a Top-N report! The top 2 revenue earners of the categories are shown here.
And of course there's a drilldown option in the preview.
The grid lines can now be customized (dotted/dashed). New: the X-axis!
Charts can now also be sorted by result value.
For short, clearly laid out lists of properties: Use your favorites and hide the rest!
Instead of using PowerPoint & co., you can simply animate report objects in the preview.
The report generator now also supports MicroPDF417 and Codablock F barcodes.

  Enhanced Crosstabs

Crosstabs can now contain multiple result cells; units and revenue are shown here.
When crosstabs contain many rows, they can quickly become confusing ...
... so simply collapse the uninteresting areas to improve clarity.
Auto Fill completes missing data values, making it easier for the reader to compare different tables.
Cross-row and column references show the contents of other cells with calculations such as percentage results or differences.
Revenue as a percentage of the total amount allows for comparisons at a single glance.


The virtual file system (repository) brings a whole range of possibilities to the Web Designer.
The new WPF wrapper for the preview brings a great many new features to WPF applications.
The new logging application now also allows easy logging in web applications and services.
The entire debugging output from LL22 can be transmitted directly to your logging solution, e.g. log4net in Apache Chainsaw.
The support of the features may vary with the programming language and implementation.
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